No office, no limits.
A group of young talented artists
ready to work on your project.
We travel light,
and can take you to places.
No office, no problems.

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Our Crew


Jaakko lives and works in LA and his crazy skill set and experience in all aspects of video production are at No-Office’s disposal in one of the most versatile and attractive areas in the world.


Whenever we need to take our cameras to extreme conditions, Kimmo is our guy. His speciality is delivering great stuff whether working on skates, underwater or standing on his head.


Milla first appeared on our videos as an actor, and since she was so great to work and hang out with we wanted her on our sets as often as possible. Her being a professional make-up artist and a die-hard industry professional helps, and she’s always there to bring the best out of people and making sure everything runs smoothly.


Erno is a co-founder of No-Office and a jack of many trades. His background is in live performance and music, and he has a wide understanding of anything related to composition, storytelling and performance. He works with pre- and post production and at the set his role is all about filling the gaps and making sure things get done.


Hannu is a director, cinematographer, editor and the CEO of No-Office. He learned the trade by doing everything by himself and constantly evolving and taking his signature style to the next level. Hannu has lived all around the world from Michigan to Damascus and Bangkok to Berlin, and he has developed into a true connoisseur of the most breathtaking shooting locations worldwide. He is your man when it comes to combining commercial quality with passion and artistic integrity. Hannu resides these days in LA


No-Office says yes to interesting projects that allow us to develop into better thing-makers. We say no to bloated productions and hidden costs. Your budget goes to your project, as we have no walls to support. We say yes to modularity, keeping things simple, light and flexible. We don’t care who does what and which hat he or she wears, as we believe that behind every great production is a group effort. Helsinki / Los Angeles and Bangkok. We got it covered. 

No-Office is a collective of young and talented people with the best work ethic in town ready to work on your project. What ever it may be, we can help. We can take you to places because we travel light and know our way around the world. Our man in Los Angeles can help you with productions in the capital of the industry. Our people in Bangkok can help you with production needs in one of the rising cities in the east.

Our previous clients and collaborations include Warner Music, Spinnin’ Records, Iittala, Kennel Helsinki, Sony Music, NERVO, Luontoliitto, GoodMood, Liiga Music, Reima, Suomen Musiikki, Kokokuva, Urbanapa.