No office, no limits.
A group of young talented artists
ready to work on your project.
We travel light,
and can take you to places.
No office, no problems.

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Our Crew

Jaakko Manninen

Jaakko can take care of your music, production and directoral needs in one of the most versatile location in the world. Los Angeles native since 2009, Jaakko knows his way around California. Jaakko has multiple platinum selling albums under his belt, not to mention the hundreds of music videos he has directed and produced. 

Kimmo Ervola 

Kimmo is our go-to guy when we need a camera in extreme situations and conditions. 

Milla Puolakanaho

Milla, apart from being a great actress and make-up artist, is our line producer and casting director. She will help you to find the best talent around. 

Erno Aaltonen

Erno is a co-founder of No-Office and our man when we need to get the production going, from conception to the grind of every day shoot. Erno is the artistic driving force behind the vision of No-Office. 

Hannu Aukia

CEO, director and producer of No-Office. Hannu has lived around the world honing his signature style and skill every day. Splitting his time between Los Angeles and Helsinki, Hannu is your man when you want artistic integrity and commercial quality.


No-Office says yes to interesting projects that allow us to develop into better thing-makers. We say no to bloated productions and hidden costs. Your budget goes to your project, as we have no walls to support. We say yes to modularity, keeping things simple, light and flexible. We don’t care who does what and which hat he or she wears, as we believe that behind every great production is a group effort. We got it covered. 

No-Office is a collective of young and talented people with the best work ethic in town ready to work on your project. What ever it may be, we can help. We can take you to places because we travel light and know our way around the world. 

Our previous clients and collaborations include Warner Music, Spinnin’ Records, Iittala, Hasan&Partners, Sony Music, Kylie Minogue, Rocky Brands, Väestöliitto, Miltton Creative, Reima, Liiga Music, Ikea, Verizon and many more.