We travel light and
take your story where no one else will.
No office, no problems.

No-office is a new kind of production company. OUR TEAM OF CREATIVES stand ready to take your project over the finish line. every time.

What we do

First and foremost we are storytellers. From commercials and branded content, to music videos and independent films. We will help you tell your story. 

Visual Effects and Motion Graphics are what we've been doing since day one. We are constantly looking for new creative ways to use our VFX skills with Virtual Reality. 

It's never too late to contact us to help you get your project where it needs to be. We will gladly help you with all aspects of post-production to take your story to the finish line. From editing to sound design. 

We have a Grammy-winning producer in our team, and together we can create you original music unparalleled by none. Whether you're an artist or a brand, we can help you.

Virtual Reality
We have been working with VR for almost a year now trying out new techniques to better understand this new frontier of storytelling. Stay tuned for many upcoming projects, both personal and commissioned. 

Production services
We can help your production in any stage, be it pre-production, casting and with on-set services both in Europe and in USA.   

Key People

Hannu Aukia, CEO, director / producer
Los Angeles / Helsinki
CEO, director and producer for No-Office, Hannu as lived and worked around the world.  Hannu is your man when you want artistic integrity and commercial quality.
Jaakko Manninen, director / producer 
Los Angeles
A Los Angeles resident since 2009, Jaakko knows his way around California. Jaakko has multiple platinum selling albums under his belt, not to mention the hundreds of music videos he has directed and produced.
Johanna Tarvainen, producer
A new member in our team is Johanna, head of production of our Team Helsinki. She will get the projects going for you. 
Juha Ilmari Laine, director / editor /
Juha Ilmari Laine is one of No-Office's greatest assets. His signature style is quirky, humane and warm. Juha Ilmari is an excellent editor and graphic designer, and we rely on his artistic eye in every step of a production. 

Team LA

Miska Kajanus, line producer 
Miska studied acting in Miami and moved to LA to follow his dream. Miska knows how to make things happen and can help you with production services both in Los Angeles and Finland.
Kyle Smolic, DP / Editor 
Kyle is a Seattle native who found himself in Los Angeles - where we very luckily found him. Kyle works on all levels of production as a DP and editor – he works regularly with clients such as The Hollywood Reporter. 

Team Helsinki

Erno Aaltonen, co-founder / creative / Helsinki
Erno was there when No-Office was born on a poolside in Bangkok. Erno has his roots in theater where he acts as a creative and lighting designer. Erno is the artistic driving force behind the No-Office vision.
Vertti Virkajärvi, director / Helsinki
Vertti is our latest addition to No-Office team. He's a director fresh out of Raindance Institute.
Aleksi Aukia, production assistant / Helsinki
Aleksi knows his way around marketing and is the go to when you need help developing effective strategies, especially in the ever changing world of digital marketing and social media.
Milla Puolakanaho, casting director / Helsinki
Apart from being a great actress and make-up artists, Milla is our line producer and casting director. She will help you to find the best talent around for your production.


Our promise

No-Office says "Yes" to interesting projects that allow us to develop into better storytellers. We say "No" to bloated productions and hidden costs. Your budget goes to your project, as we have no walls to support. We say yes to modularity, keeping things simple, light and flexible. We believe that behind every great production is a group effort.  

No-Office promises devotion, talent, and the best work ethic in town.

What ever it may be, we can help. We can take you to places because we travel light and know our way around the world. 

No-Office is a new kind of production company.

No-Office, no problems. 


Get In Touch

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Jaakko Manninen
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Hannu Aukia
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Johanna Tarvainen
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Juha Ilmari Laine
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